Notes when using the hot glue gun

A silicone glue gun is a tool used to pump silicon glue and bond materials in construction works. In particular, the glue gun helps create a standard shot line on every detail, including those with complex shapes like curves, cracks, …The glue gun is easy to use and preserve, you can manually use the glue gun to execute silicon shot.

Hot Glue Gun

The glue gun is designed quite simply and has instructions for using or not too many specific operators to use guns regularly but still encounter errors and incidents, affecting quality or safety for users. Here are the notes that users need to consider when using glue guns:

  • Do not disassemble the gun itself, such as the push bar, springs, trigger, gun body. This will cause the movement mechanism to mismatch or you may not be able to re-mount the gun to its original position.
  • Do not disassemble the gun from the appliance, do not touch the tip of the gun when the machine is operating at high temperatures, which can cause burns and danger to the user.
  • Do not expose the gun to humid environments that could cause the device to burn. After finishing using the gun, you need to unplug it immediately after completing the work. If used for a long time, it is advisable to look for grease to ensure smoothness and ease of use.
  • Gunlock is required if the gun is stopped to stop gluing or the glue will continue to flow. It wastes our glue and money.
  • After using the gun, remove the glue bottle from the gun and clean the stain on the gun. If the remaining glue bottle is not used up, remove the cap and store it for future use. That helps us save money.
  • Because candle glue melts at quite high temperatures, so when used in the family should not avoid glue the candle into the hand and avoid burns. It is strictly forbidden to touch the hot melt glue that has just been fired on the material.
  • In case of burns from a gun or hot glue sticking to the hand, flush with cold water, wrap the wound area tightly with the film or immediately pour cold water, cover it with a clean cloth, absolutely not finding any way to wash the glue on the skin and take it to the nearest clinic to be treated. Besides, we can use the aloe vera plant to dress the wound in case of mildness.
  • Depending on the material structure and the thickness of the adhesive, the time used after opening the box of the glue is different. This time will usually be printed on the packaging of the box, along with the way of preserving the user after opening also affects the usage time quite a lot.
  • Remove all stains, impurities, grease on the surface of the material before gluing and drying the surface of the material to ensure the most stable bonding.
  • To increase safety and avoid waste, we should choose the type of candle gun with the appropriate type.
  • Must consider the temperature of the candle glue as the correct instructions on the package to avoid damaging or decomposing the material. This helps us understand product information and avoid an unexpected error.

In conclusion

The glue gun will be an effective tool for handmade work, small and simple things at home. Buying a glue gun is not difficult, the price is cheap but users need to consider the evaluation to choose the appropriate investment. Besides, you should read the note before using it to avoid unintended errors.

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