Globe string lights

There are many types of indoor string lights in the market, and globe string light is a good example here. Globe string lights are known as a product of lighting and beauty extremely suitable at festivals, significant events or shops, cafes … Views have many advantages and superior functions compared to the other decorative lamps, promising to bring a cozy and full of colors.

What is a globe string light?

This is a kind of decorative led wire with a structure of two parts, the string, and the light bulb. But the lamp here is not an incandescent light bulb or a mouse eye, but a circular led bulb system. Therefore, the luminous efficiency is high and the electricity consumed is much less. Users can save a lot of costs, and also have a positive effect on environmental protection.

Features of globe string lights

In terms of structure, LEDs use high-quality SMD chips that are fixed on a long PCB. From these eyes or chips, people assemble or mend round LEDs to illuminate or decorate. Outside, the wire is covered with a layer of soft and transparent plastic, protecting the lamp from the intrusion of elements from the environment.

The system of small globe string light is connected to create a series of bright and diverse light. These balls all come in different colors and are placed on a string of opposite colors. About half the capacity of incandescent or fluorescent lamps but having the same or higher light efficiency. Scientific structure and compact, the fire looks very fragile but very durable, easy to cut and assemble.

Uses of globe string lights

Compared with the previous decorative lighting system, globe string lights have low voltage and use less electricity. It saves up to 70% of power compared to old light bulbs. Globe string lights bulbs are considered as the leading energy-saving products in the world of Led technology bulbs. About the size can be divided into two types are small globe string lights and large globe string lights. As for the capacity can be divided into many kinds of LED ball string with different size, but the most commonly used and searched sort is the 5m 50 ball LED string light.

Lights have a luxurious design and size; a variety of colors can be used in many different environments. Safety ratings comply with IP 65 to IP68. Views are now widely used in the design and interior decoration, such as beautifying hotel ceilings, decorating the front or gates of villas, shops, or advertising signs system … Especially this is a popular product to decorate houses and ornamental plants at the end of the year. The strobe light effect creates a beautiful and romantic space. Super-durable and extremely economical balls combined with different shapes when bending and folding the lights will make the atmosphere so magical, like in the fairy world.

Application of globe string lights

  • Contour decoration: With globe string lights, you can decorate the border of advertising frames, sign boards, or pillars. Some people even divide the window glass with these wired Led. Signs and billboards look attractive and attract light from the light and create bright, round LEDs with strings.
  • Decorate bonsai at the end of the year. At the end of the Tet holiday, the house will decorate its apartment with many different kinds of ornamental plants. Like a peach, kumquat, apricot, or before that, on Christmas day is the Christmas tree … Let the round ball of Led lights decorate the bonsai, and it will look more brilliant and gorgeous. It feels like spring is always flooded in every building, store, hotel … Wherever there are Led decorated with round ball strings, it is imposing and full of life.
  • Festive decoration, outdoor events. A lot of games take place on the big outdoor stage from significant events such as fairs, music, fashion shows to smaller events such as camping, weddings, birthdays, etc. The ball-shaped led string system will make the space more splendid and impressive.
  • Lighting and decoration for restaurants, hotels, commodity shops … This monumental and massive space is ideally suited to the compactness, sophistication, and superior light performance of globe string lights. Visitors will not be attracted to and be invited to the super bright and durable globe string lights system here.

In conclusion

Indoor string lights are increasingly asserting the superiority of traditional decorative light wires. To make your work more sparkling, vibrant, but still warm, full of love, you find the best indoor string lights for your space and maybe, you can install a system of led string lights with the ball. The effect that it brings will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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