A wood planer is a very necessary tool and is widely used in the woodworking industry today. It makes the surface of the wood smooth and glossy to be aesthetically pleasing and easier to design or manipulate. The wood planer has many characteristics with many different uses, bringing convenience to users. However, when using a wood planer, if not careful, you may encounter many problems. Therefore, the carpenter needs to understand the technical standards to operate the planer most accurately and safely.

So what are the characteristics of a wood planer? How to use wood planer? You can refer to the article below to learn more about wood planer.

Wood planing and characteristics use

A wood planer is designed with comfortable molded grip to limit vibration when used with the ability to vacuum to bring many conveniences for users.

Level of standard assessment of a major finished wood product. Workers must determine the roughness of the product. The planing machine is the outstanding development of modern technology to support production. You no longer have to use the painstaking and time-consuming manual planing tools nor the labor for one of the most important stages when completing a complete product.

The basic planing machine has a cross-section, ranging from 80mm to 83mm, with a revolving speed greater than 1,700 rpm. These characteristics and structure make your wood product will be extremely flawless and reach the standard smoothness of many advanced countries in the world.

Comes with that is the convenience and compactness of this product. Only lightweight suitable for handheld use or to move anywhere if necessary. Moreover, you can operate for a long time without worrying about damage to the machine.

Common problems when using a wood planer

When using a planer that is not technically correct, it may cause some problems for the user:

Electric shock : Due to open circuits in electric wires, touching the chassis, electric circuit breakers, power outages. Therefore, before operation or use. You need to check whether the power line or the electrical outlet in the machine is open or not.

Splashing material: By being equipped with many parts to support the wood planing process. During the performance, some parts become loose and fall out. For example, the blade is not tight, sawdust is flying into the eyes, … That can be vulnerable to the user’s body at any time. So, How to protect the user body? Very simple. When using you should wear protective clothing, glasses and stand away from the grinding blade a suitable distance can avoid the risks may occur.

Explosion: Due to wood chips, wood mites cause moisture to the circuit, electric leakage. Meanwhile, sparks resonate with the shavings to cause an explosion. Fire is extremely scary. It is not only hazardous to users and also to those around them. Therefore, to reduce the potentiality of fire and explosion, after using a planer, please wash and clean the tool very carefully.

Collisions cause injuries: Screw heads, protruding tabs can effect material entanglement, injuring workers. To minimize damage, please use the machine carefully

Poisoned: Industrial poison enters the human body through the wood contact process of a carpenter. This is inevitable for workers working with wood. To ensure the best health, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive check every 6 months.

The note when using the machine

  • Use clamps or some practical means to create safety, and support workpieces firmly attached to the working posture of a solid posture
  • When operating always hold the planer in such a position that the base of the planer is leveled evenly on the workpiece
  • Never plan on metal objects, nails or screws

Principles of ensuring technical safety

  • Only people who have been trained in safe working practices and fully equipped with labor protection equipment may use the machine.
  • Workers attach equipment to prevent exposure before work such as goggles, masks …
  • Workers do not use gloves at work but use auxiliary equipment (pushers) to avoid slipping their hands into the machine.
  • Run the machine before starting work, check the operation of safety equipment every time when operating the machine.
  • Turn off the power during a power outage or at the end of work.
  • Regularly cleaning machinery, cleaning workplaces to avoid fire caused by shavings, wood dust.

In conclusion

Therefore, in order to use the wood planing device safely, the carpenter needs to be skilled in using the machine, understand the structure and operation principle of the planer. In addition, they must understand the safety principles when operating the machine.

Hopefully, my knowledge will help you in choosing and using the best wood planer. And thank you for taking the time to read this article.


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Dh fixed the furnace just one hour before our latest ice storm hit It’s running great considering our decks are still slicker than glass and I won’t gather firewood to burn off of slick porches.

Ms Faith the Duck has decided that while it’s cold she’s staying near the house under the back deck. So at least we know she is safe.

The new family is a cousin of dh’s, well a cousin’s kid. She contacted me about the family genealogy and we’ve been chatting for a few days now. She is seriously addicted to playing with dead people and tends to think outside the box in her research like I do. So our conversations have been lively. She’s rekindled my interest in knocking down some more brick walls so now I am hoping will run their usual holiday special of free access this holiday season.

We have extensive tree damage from the most recent ice storm. ½ of our circular driveway is completely blocked, which makes getting the trucks out interesting to say the least. The strange thing with this ice storm is there is over ½ an inch of ice on all the things up in the air like trees, but the ground is a sodden mess and not frozen at all.

That means we can get out to go to town IF we can safely get down off the porch! That in itself is an adventure in ice skating!

Once we have another freakish warm spell the guys will clear the driveway again, but it could be awhile looking at the forecast.

Tree is up, presents (for the most part) are wrapped, meat for the meal is doing a slow thaw and I had plans to spend the day baking cookies but the dear cousin (dc) has kept me on the computer all morning.

I just talked to dh and since they are pushing both the guys to take some accumulated vacation time and over ½ of the office is already out on vacation he and ds are thinking about coming home early. I wouldn’t mind that at all.